GUIZE! My apartment is desqualored!!! (Plus a migraine remedy)

I didn't post about it this week because of life stuff, but OMG I have found the most amazing cleaning service ever. This woman has changed my life. She is the living embodiment of the belief that cleanliness is next to godliness. Not only did she unsqualor, but she did just the right amount of organizing so that… » 7/27/14 6:42pm 7/27/14 6:42pm

How to get rid of an OKC guy in 5 easy steps

This guy actually has "Tool" in his user name. Also, I really don't believe men on dating sites who say they're just looking for friends. I think what they're looking for is fuckbuddies, and being extremely disingenuous, so they can get theirs and still say "well I told you I was just looking for friends." » 7/02/14 7:06pm 7/02/14 7:06pm

I am nearing the end of this round of OKC

Guy emails me this morning. Nice email, but there was stuff in there that was a little weird...kind of the "I see you have very high standards that most people could not meet but I'm sure I can" sort of thing. Not overt, but still there. Regardless I could not be less attracted to this guy on a number of levels. I'm… » 6/19/14 10:46pm 6/19/14 10:46pm