How do I friend Men?

Ok, so you ALL know that making friends once you're out of college is a tough endeavor. Even for the most social of us, once we're past our mid 20s, it becomes harder to make and keep friends. But you know what's even harder? Making male friends (or female friends if you're a straight guy.) I'm in my 40s. I know guys… » 3/31/15 1:18pm Yesterday 1:18pm

Cats and Migraines: Updated because I'm an emotional wreck.

I don't know what it is, but when I have moderate to bad one, my cats flank me and purr up a storm. They don't usually do that. I am surrounded by kitties. Thanks babies. » 3/23/15 4:47pm 3/23/15 4:47pm

Permanent side-eye

I think my eyes are stuck after tonight on Tinder. I swear to god, at least half the men who write a profile say something about "no drama." They have a drama-free life, they're not looking for drama, they're not into drama, etc. That gets an immediate left-swipe. And I've figured out what it takes for me to give my… » 3/22/15 11:16pm 3/22/15 11:16pm

Help with Personal Statement?

Breakfastattiffanysgirl could use another pair of eyes. Is anyone willing to read her personal statement? It's due tomorrow. » 3/19/15 9:32pm 3/19/15 9:32pm

Open Thread: Post Your Random Thursday Crap

1) WHY THE FUCK AREN'T EMOTIONAL MANAGEMENT SKILLS TAUGHT IN SCHOOL? If If I had learned any kind of emotional literacy tools before my 4os, it would have been nice. » 3/19/15 5:00pm 3/19/15 5:00pm

I am so nauseated

And it's made worse by not eating. Yay! I don't know why bananas trigger my acid reflux, but jesus they are the fucking worst. They're supposed to be digestible. So I just took some more of my medicine (which I usually only take every other day, ) smoked a little, ate and took a probiotic. I think not taking my… » 3/17/15 4:57pm 3/17/15 4:57pm

Friendship woes (long and rambling)

I have a friend that I have a somewhat volatile relationship with. I love her, but I'm coming to realize that if she doesn't have full-blow narcissistic personality disorder, she has some heavy-duty narcissistic tendencies. She lives in an area of the city that's a huge pain in the ass to get to without a car. It can… » 3/16/15 8:29pm 3/16/15 8:29pm

Online Dating Pet Peeve #1

Men who project a sexual subtext onto everything you say, but then when you say "Hey that's not what I said, please stop it. I said exactly what I meant and nothing more. Can we just have a conversation?" And they say "Oh I'm not doing that. I was just being vague. You're the one who must be thinking it all up." » 3/13/15 11:01pm 3/13/15 11:01pm

Dating Dictionary: Games

I'm getting my lingo down pretty well and learning to interpret Standard Online Dating. But what, exactly does "games" mean? I have a vague idea that it means something like "you have to be available whenever I want and not have a life of your own." Of course it goes hand in hand with our favorite "drama," which I'm… » 3/10/15 12:48pm 3/10/15 12:48pm

Dear Groupthink I have a date on Wednesday

I need to figure something out and my wording isn't quite right. I know we all talk a lot about how casual sex is something women would be much more likely to engage in, if the physical and social consequences weren't so dire. But trying to explain that to men is sometimes like hitting my head against a brick wall.… » 2/28/15 8:40pm 2/28/15 8:40pm

Dear God What Have I Done?

I just joined Tinder. I was bored and it is a circus. So is it a hookup site or a dating site? Also, here is a sample conversation. And another one. I think fucking with dumbasses might amuse me for a minute. » 2/27/15 11:37pm 2/27/15 11:37pm

Question: CBD Oil?

Has anyone used CBD oil? I really want the benefits of the CBDs, but I don't live in a state with legal weed, and it's really hard to figure out what's legit and what's a scam. I would prefer vaping rather than ingesting. Here's a cute pic for your trouble. (Also, if anyone wants to share this on other Kinja forums… » 2/24/15 9:05pm 2/24/15 9:05pm

Unpopular Opinion Alert: Celery is delicious

I don't care haters. Celery is awesome. It's crunchy. It's crisp. It's refreshing. It's excellent on its on or as a dip delivery vehicle. Cooked, it add a lovely herbaceous depth of flavor to soups and stews. It is always in my fridge. When I can't get excited about eating any other vegetable, I can always crunch down… » 2/12/15 4:34pm 2/12/15 4:34pm

I prefer migraines with a visual aura

Because at least then I know exactly what it is. There's no waffling "is this a migraine or is it just a headache?" "Do I need to take something right away or will it go away?" Plus they're usually less painful, although I feel significantly more spacey. That might be the result of taking medicine right away, though. » 2/08/15 10:10pm 2/08/15 10:10pm

Creep-out vibes

I went out to dinner tonight and there is a server at this restaurant I go to regularly that gives me the biggest creeps ever. Part of it, I'll admit, is shallow, in that he looks like a 90s caricature of a drug dealer, complete with thin, greasy ponytail and a sleeve tattoo. But honest-to-god, there is something… » 1/24/15 2:03am 1/24/15 2:03am

Lifehacker makes me feel inadequate

Yes, there is some good stuff on there. But mostly it makes me feel totally insecure about all the ways I'm fucking up my life. Life isn't something to "hack." You live it, ok? It's weird and messy and it's not like there's some secret formula. But that damn site makes me feel like if I just do everything they say,… » 1/22/15 4:40pm 1/22/15 4:40pm

Give me your best bean recipes!

I am trying REALLY hard to save money on groceries, which is challenging, because I eat pretty close to a paleo diet. No wheat, and very few grains/starchy foods (no rice), means I can't fill up on cheap eats. I really need to eat some meat, otherwise I get shaky, but I'm trying to cut back. I can, however, eat the… » 1/19/15 10:14pm 1/19/15 10:14pm

Yes Virginia, I will dismiss

You don't have to agree with what I say. That's fine - I can handle disagreement. However, if you call me names, tell me to shove my head up my ass, go fuck myself, or just shut up, I'm going to dismiss your comment. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised that rude people think it's ok for teenagers to be rude. » 12/25/14 6:46pm 12/25/14 6:46pm